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Find out where you can recycle in your community.

2008 NM Recycling Awareness Month
New Mexico Recycling Awareness Month (NMRAM) is a state-wide annual event created to promote recycling, waste reduction, composting and buying recycled products. It is held in conjunction with the nationwide America Recycles Day campaign on November 15th. 


Special Thanks to our 2008 Sponsors: Intel, SBM Site Services, Dex, Sandia National Laboratory, Waste Management, New Mexico Environment Department: Solid Waste Bureau, New Mexico Clean and Beautiful, NM Public Education Department, Keep New Mexico Beautiful, Whole Foods, WalMart, City of Santa Fe, Keep Santa Fe Beautiful, Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency, Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and Santa Fe County

2008 NMRAM
We offer support to November Recycling Awareness events in schools and in communities. Events include municipal-sponsored recycling drives, public awareness events at malls and stores, and employee education in private business and federal facilities. Last year 45 communities and schools held an educational event at either a school or public arena in New Mexico. We also launched our targeted outreach with a directed media campaign in partnership with the City of Albuquerque. The city saw a 20% spike in recycling as a direct result of that outreach.

33% TEAM:Working together
to increase
NM's recycling rate.
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We also encourage NMRAM participants to ask their community, county, business or organization to make the 33% by 2012 commitment. more



1) How to Start a School or Business Recycling Program (.pdf)

2) Reducing Waste and Buying Recycled in Schools (.pdf)

3) America Recycling pledge cards (which will not be a sweepstakes with prizes this year). Find online at


2008 Recycling Drives and Events in New Mexico


Organization Description
Bernalillo County We are visiting elementary schools throughout Bernalillo County and the city of Albuquerque, our target is 2nd and 3rd Graders. Our recycling presentation concentrates on home curbside recycling and worm composting. The county provides worms and a tote for each classroom, the students will be assigned by their teacher to bring cafeteria food scraps, coffee filters and coffee beans from teachers lounge. Our efforts in promoting our curbside recycling program in November for recycling month will be done through mailers and Q&A on government T.V.
City of Albuquerque Join Mayor Martin Chavez, the City of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, Information Document Management (Enchantment Electronics?) and Comcast for Albuquerque Recycles Day on Saturday, November 15th from 9 AM to 2 PM.  FREE recycling for residents bringing televisions and other consumer electronic waste, and personal documents will be shredded. The collection site is just south of Balloon Fiesta Park on San Diego Street.  Please only 2 TV sets or monitors per vehicle.  No size limit on TVs.  No full-size appliances will be accepted.  Presented by City of Albuquerque, Comcast, Information Document Management and Bernalillo County and sponsored by Planet Green. 
Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council - Office of Environmental Technical Assistance Presentations on the 3 r's and how environmental protection, natural resource protection , and cost savings play a role in saving the environment and human health.
Green Drinks Green Drinks is a grassroots, environmental social gathering. I plan to work with Nancy Judd to have a recycling theme at one of the events in 2009.
Keep Alamogordo Beautiful A "Warm Clothes Drive" will be held throughout the month of Nov.  All donations will be given women and children suffering from domestic violence through the Alamogordo Center of Protective Environment. (COPE). -- "Talkin Trash" Recycling Presentation are scheduled with all 3rd grade classes within the city to include Holloman AFB classes.  Each student will receive a goodie bag with recycled pencils, You can Recycle coloring book, recycling bracelet, and KAB postcards, -- Currently working with 2 Middle Schools to establish a paper, cardboard, and plastic water bottle recycling program.  -- Will offer a "Recycled Art" Contest with prizes offered to kids in 3 categories'.  Winning entries will be displayed at the public library.
Keep Albuquerque Beautiful Keep Albuquerque Beautiful will celebrate America Recycles Day by having its 3rd annual Super Can kid contest. All K-5 Schools/Classrooms compete against each other to see who could collect the most aluminum cans within a 2 week period. First, Second & third place winners will receive a travelling trophy made from a recycled aluminum can and other prizes.
Keep Las Cruces Beautiful Paint the bin contest deadline Sept 30th. Judging Nov 3rd and giving away slotted recycling containers to schools that have to have staff and public access.  Pizza party celebration at the end of the event.  Also a contest for who recycles the most for all schools.
Keep Luna County Beautiful Tire amnesty and recycling. Yes, November thru December will give presentations at civic organizations and public meetings.
Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful Nov 1 recycling drive
Keep Tularosa Beautiful School outreach in November
Lincoln County Solid Waste Electronics and recycling drive, Nov 8, 9-Noon. Sierra Mall. Electronics, catalogs, phone books and magazines accepted.
Los Alamos County Environmental Services Radio, newspaper and web advertising of businesses that are recycling, how businesses can start recycling, fluorescent bulb recycling for residents at landfill and general recommendations for recycling in the community. Meet with some businesses to start recycling.  Increase recycling in County offices and schools. We are having the ribbon cutting on Los Alamos County’s new Eco Station on November 19, 11-12:30 at 3701 East Jemez Road, Los Alamos, NM  897544.  The facility will be LEED Gold certified and the administration building has solar heat and hot water thanks to a grant from New Mexico Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department.  The Eco Station will recycle approximately 50% of the waste brought to the facility.  The event is open to the public and there will be tours of the facility. 
McKinley Citizens' Recycling Council Demonstrations on what and how to recycle in Gallup / McKinley county will take place. Recycling drive for corrugated cardboard, white paper, telephone books, catalogs and magazines. The monies from this process then go into the budget to buy food for the needy in McKinley County.
Resource AD Recycling drive, October 30 in Santa Rosa held in conjunction with the city. 10 AM -2 PM. Will acecept all electronics including TVs. November 1 electronics and TV recycling drive in Santa Fe at the Christian Life Academy, 10- 2PM. TVs require an $8 disposal fee. City of Soccorro will hold similar event Nov 15.
Sandia National Laboratories We plan to pilot a moving box reuse program in the coming months.  We will continue our mixed paper recycling drive that was started in April. Publish awareness articles in our local daily news, inculding interactive games that will reflect ideas of reducing/reusing/recycling/buying green.  Each week in the month of November we will feature a new topic or item that will highlight the P2 ideals.
Santa Fe Recycle Santa Fe Art Market and Trash Fashion show Nov 14-16, El Museo. Get Caught Recycling in Santa Fe campaign hosted by NMRC and city/county/business partners month of November.
Silver City Recycling Advisory Committee Yes, planning a recycling drive on Nov. 25. County-wide recycling drive on Nov. 15th.
University of New Mexico We will hold the 2nd annual UNM e-waste collection event on 11/1/08 from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.  Collection of e-waste from present and past UNM faculty, staff and students.  Also friends and family of faculty, staff and students, people who support the lobos and people who can spell UNM
UNM Net Impact A Spooky Recycled Costume Party, by UNM Net Impact and Albuquerque Net Impact Professionals.  A laid-back mixer featuring costume-making with recycled materials from UNM Recycling and our homes, costume contests, a "green" elephant gift exchange (please bring a gently-used, environmentally-themed wrapped gift).  Meet with like-minded people to dance the night away in support of our planet!
Village of Corrales Recycling Center Work with the local elementary school to set up a recycling program to recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum in their school.
White Sands Test Facility Sustainability Initiative Team (WSIT) The WSIT works continually to educate employees and increase participation in ongoing recycling programs at WSTF.   Planning will start in the next fiscal year. At least, we will have a booth providing information on Las Cruces area recycling opportunities, NMSU recycling partnership, WSTF recycling programs, suggestion box for new ideas with prizes for participation, carpool/vanpool sign up.


Participating Schools:

School City
Thoreau High School Native American Student Association Thoreau
Pinon Elementary Los Alamos
McKinley Elementary Farmington
Keep NM Beautiful School Outreach  
Mesa Elementary School Clovis
Bellehaven Elementary Albuquerque
El Dorado Community School Santa Fe
Alameda Middle School Santa Fe
Chelwood Elementary Albuquerque
Nenahnezad Community School Fruitland
Maggie M. Cordova Elementary  Rio Rancho
Montessori of the Rio Grande Charter School Albuquerque
Agua Fria Elementary Santa Fe
Girl Scout Troop #924  
Agua Fria Elementary Santa Fe
New Mexico Students Public Research Interest Group Las Cruces
ENMU-Ruidoso Ruidoso
Dixon Elementary School Dixon
Mark Twain Elementary Albuquerque
McCollum School Albuquerque
Ernie Pyle Middle School Albuquerque
Escuela Del Sol Montessori Albuquerque
Parkview Elementary School Socorro
Tony E. Quintana Elementary Espanola
Eugene Field Elementary School Albuquerque
Tucumcari High School Tucumcari
Red River Valley Charter School Red River
Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School Albuquerque
Ernie Pyle Middle School Albuquerque
Zuni Christian Mission School Zuni
Floyd Municipal Schools Floyd
The Montessori Elementary School Albuquerque
Albuquerque Academy Albuquerque
Cottonwood Valley Charter School Socorro
Des Moines School Des Moines
Dragonfly School Santa Fe

New resources for local coordinators this year:

1) Shopping Bags provided by the New Mexico Environment Department: Solid Waste Bureau


Other NMRAM Support:

1) Dex Recycled-content ruler give-aways

2) America Recycles Day posters

3) General recycling educational resources and information

4) Recycling and event information support at


For more information contact English Bird at or 505-603-0558.


NMRAM 2008 Santa Fe Outreach and Awareness Campaign

NMRC has selected Santa Fe as our targeted city to assist in increasing recycling awareness and participation. Thus far, NMRC has assisted in piloting event recycling for the July 26-27 Spanish Market event. NMRC will also help launch a business recycling effort in the fall, complete with a Business Recycling Toolkit (which will then become available to other communities to adapt). For November, we have developed a "Get Caught Recycling in Santa Fe" campaign that will randomly reward residents and businesses with prizes donated by local businesses. This campaign will be coupled with a media campaign and will include county drop-off stations. We hope by providing an incentive to recycle, we will see a marked increase in recycling.

Get Caught Recycling in Santa Fe
As part of the annual NMRAM campaign, NMRC has selected Santa Fe for its targeted recycling awareness and education campaign with the incentives based, "Get Caught Recycling in Santa Fe" program.  Working in partnership with the City of Santa Fe Solid Waste Department and the Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency, NMRC will reward Santa Feans for recycling.

The program will work like this:  Residents are inspired to recycle more because they have heard about this reward system.  Santa Fe City and County Residents that put out their curbside recycling are randomly selected based on an address lottery system.  NMRC sends the selected individuals a letter in the mail commending them for recycling and explaining that they were “caught in the act” of recycling.   The reward of a gift certificate or similar item would be included within this letter.  A Massachusetts-based study noted that a reward as small as a free cup of coffee significantly boosted recycling rates.   The campaign includes a companion print media component.


NMRAM 2007 Greater Albuquerque Media Campaign

NMRC created a multi-media recycling awareness campaign aimed at the greater Albuquerque area, complete with in-town billboards, bus-sides, print, TV & radio advertisements and PSAs. The City of Albuquerque partnered in this campaign and will help launch the city's goals to become a Zero Waste community. Rio Rancho is another partner community with Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful, and awareness reached into this community as well. Mayor Martin Chavez served as spokesperson for our radio and TV PSAs. The campaign created a 20% increase in recycling tonnage.


Programs and Projects For Use in the Schools

Since 2004, we have worked directly with 130 K-12 schools throughout New Mexico, reaching more than 25,000 students! We have also awarded 25 schools with recycling bins to start their programs. Please note that the Recycling Bin Contest is not available this year. But look further down for the Keep New Mexico Beautiful grant program.

Buy Recycled and Reduce Waste in the Schools

In an effort to consider the principles of waste reduction and buying recycled in the school environment, we have developed a document with tips on buying products made from recycled-content and how to reduce waste in the classroom. Reducing Waste and Buying Recycled in Schools (.pdf). Also see more resources below on where to purchase recycled-content products.


Invite a Recycling Professional to Class or Visit a Recycling Center

There’s probably nothing more re-enforcing to students than to see or hear about the actual recycling process in their community and to have someone first-hand answer their questions. Contact your local solid waste division or recycling coordinator and ask them to visit your school or set up a visit to go to their recycling location.  Or check off that part on the form, so we can call or e-mail you contact information for a recycling coordinator in your area.


Trash Audit – In Class Project

Perhaps one of the most effective classroom projects involves examining school trash cans to see what is being produced. Schools typically see large amounts of paper and cardboard in their waste streams.  You can create a percentage pie chart of trash “types” and figure out how much is actually recyclable.


Start your Recycling Collection Program with Cardboard Boxes from PNM

Free recycling boxes are available from PNM for use at events, schools, churches and nonprofit organizations. They can be used to collect daily recycling in buildings, or brought out for special events in your community. The boxes are 18" x 18" x 30". Go to and click on "Community Recycling Program".


New Mexico Environmental Essay and Art Contest

The Institute for Energy and Environment and WERC are hosting an Environmental Art Contest, with entries due on November 30th and an Environmental Essay Contest with a deadline of February 15, 2009. For more information check out  under Outreach K-12 programs. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at or call toll free 1-800-523-5996.


Red Wriggler Teaching Manual Released

High Desert Worm Ranch, based in McIntosh New Mexico has released an educator's resource entitled "The Red Wriggler Teaching Manual". Manuals are available for $25 and target different study areas, from science, social studies, math and language arts. A complete educator's kit includes the manual, plastic bin, a 15-inch rubber worm,  a brick of coir, a pound of worms and is sold for $65. or call 505-384-5302.


EPA Planet Protectors

Although included in school kits who register for NMRAM, if you want to order your own set independently. You will find a 10-month Planet Protectors Club Calendar Kit. The kit is designed to teach children in Grades K-3 the concepts of reducing, reusing, and recycling, waste.

The Planet Protectors Club Calendar Kit contains a large, full-color poster for teachers or group leaders. Smaller versions of the poster may be ordered for each student/child in the classroom or group, along with a set of stickers to track progress in completing the activities. Simple, step-by-step instructions and a list of materials are included for each activity; most of which take less than an hour to complete.

From turning trash into treasure to identifying environmentally harmful products in the home, these hands-on activities provide 10-months of fun and education.

To order the large poster (EPA530-H-06-004) and the child's version with stickers (EPA530-H-06-005), go to . You may also order by phone at 1-800-490-9198, by email at , or by post mail addressed to U.S. EPA/NSCEP, P.O. Box 42419, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-0419.


Go Green Initiative

The Go Green Initiative is a simple, comprehensive nationwide program designed to create a culture of environmental responsibility on school campuses across the nation. Founded in 2002, the Go Green Initiative unites parents, students, teachers and school administrators in an effort to make real and lasting changes in their campus communities that will protect children and the environment for years to come. Find out more online at .


Keep New Mexico Beautiful Grants

Also, Keep New Mexico Beautiful has small Grants available for schools for the purchase of recycling bins. Visit or call 800-760-5662. Grants are due October 9, 2008.


Recycling Pledge

Invite students to fill out online a Recycling Pledge, committing them and hopefully their families to buy recycled products and improve their recycling efforts. We ask that you print your own pledge cards. This year will not be oriented as a contest, but simply as a commitment to make a difference by recycling!  You can find easy-to-follow directions for doing this on the America Recycles website at


Backyard Composting 

You can also request a “Backyard Composting Made Easy” guide created by the New Mexico Environment Department: Solid Waste Bureau. Any school can create a compost bin for a science project, garden complement, or to compost cafeteria food scraps on a large scale. Contact Greg Baker at the following number or e-mail below. Or go online to to find an electronic version in English and Spanish.


Cash For Cans

Hold a recycling drive for cans in your school to raise funds. On this site, you can download a teacher's resource called "The Recycling Loop". Go to to learn more.


Elmers Glue Crew

Start recycling glue sticks and glue bottles at your school.


TerraCycle & Honest Kids™ Drink Pouch Brigade

Every year millions of drink pouches end up in garbage and landfills. Find out about a recycling program for these type of packages that can earn your school money.


Biodegradable Service Ware Links:





Recycled-Content Product Supplies & Procurement Links:

New Mexico Businesses:

Beck Office Systems (Albuquerque Recycled Office Furniture)

Vision Paper (Albq manufacturer of recycled-content papers)

UnityCenter/Phat Frames (Creates award/picture frames from wooden pallets)

JaiTire (shredded-tire fluff for playgrounds and athletic surfaces)


Other Resources:


Office Depot (Offers online catalog, carries paper/office products that have recycled-content - they will deliver free with minimum purchase anywhere in NM!)

Staples (Offers online catalog with recycled-content products. Also accepts computers, printers, digital cameras, cell phones, cartridges and rechargeable batteries for recycling)

Green Earth Office Supply

Sustainable Group (non-vinyl, recycled-content corrugated binders, three-rings)

Dolphin Blue


Center for a New American Dream

EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines

EPA's Design for the Environment Program

EPA's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program

Energy Star

Environmental Choice

Green Seal


Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Program

See our the Links and Resources page for more Information


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