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Increasing Recycling Stakeholder Meeting - October 14th
The final segment of stakeholder meetings in regard to state-level planning strategies and policy to increase the recycling rate in New Mexico to 50% will take place October 14th. Click here to learn more and register for this free event. more


Local Tactics for Communities to Increase Business Recycling Training- October 14th
As part of the Increasing Recycling stakeholder event, NMRC will present a special training that will provides strategies targeting both rural and urban communities with ways to engage and increase recycling participation with local businesses. more


Recycling, Compost and Collection Center Trainings
Sign up for upcoming Recycling Facility Operator and Compost Facility Operator Certification Courses, as well as a newly created Collection Center Training hosted in partnership with NMSWANA and NMED. more

Growing Recycling Businesses in New Mexico
Recycling means jobs. Thanks to funding from a USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant, NMRC is working to grow small-scale niche recycling businesses in New Mexico and reach out to rural communities to help link recycling to economic development opportunities. more


What is the New Mexico Recycling Coalition?
Since 1991, the New Mexico Recycling Coalition has served as a resource to provide recycling information to professionals in the field, as well as to the general public. Our mission is to lead New Mexico to value waste as a resource. We serve as recycling advocates working with a diverse group of stakeholders, communities, businesses, schools and grassroots activists to help build sustainable and efficient recycling programs. more

Certification Classes & Professional Trainings
Learn more about the recycling and composting facility operator courses, professional trainings and national certification as a sustainable resource manager. more









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